Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Reflections

It's been a couple days since Mark and I became husbands under Iowa law. I've had a day to crash and now it's time to reflect.

Looking back, there is not a lot that I would have done differently. We spent a little more than we budgeted, but only a little bit more. My mother and most of my siblings were present, as was Mark's sister (my one sister and her family couldn't make it because of the weather). We had several friends and co-workers there to witness the day. The food was (too) plentiful and excellent.

I totally DO NOT regret splurging this time on a professional wedding cake. During our first wedding, Mark and I were given a nice cake by a co-worker as a gift for our reception. It was a generous gift then and I completely appreciated it. But this weekend's cake, prepared by Tip Top Cakes, was out of this frickin' world! There were three layers: Red Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Pink Champagne with strawberries in the middle. We still have quite a bit of the bottom layer left over and it still tastes fresh like it did on Saturday.

Mark and I prepared our food for our first wedding back in 1997 and this time we decided to have a caterer provide the food. It was a bit too oniony for my taste, but everyone raved about Michael's work and it was nice to not have to slave away late into the night before the wedding preparing food for the reception.

We blew it when it came to taking pictures. We got lots of cake shots, but we have no family pictures and no pictures of the ceremony itself outside of my flip video camera. I haven't yet looked at that film. I'm hoping that it's not too jumpy. D'Angelo decided to take over that role. I'm also hoping that the sound isn't too faint.

The homily was wonderful. I drafted the bulletin and Pastor Bruce took it from there with the scriptures that I chose (Ruth 12: 9-12; Romans 12: 9-12; Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12; & Ephesians 4: 31-32). There were lots of people who commented on the quality of his sermon. Unfortunately, he is leaving our church during the coming year. But it was an honor to have him preside over our nuptials before he left for good.

The boys were both on their best behavior and did wonderfully as greeters and attendants. The dogs were also present and fortunately Nero crashed right before the ceremony. Ms. Lion whined a bit, but not terribly so.

I do have a few pics from reception and I am sure I'll acquire more as time goes by. I'll post them as they arrive and I'll eventually get the wedding film posted. Hopefully it won't make anyone seasick. :)

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