Saturday, March 6, 2010

'Cuz I've Got No Nite Life...

The day started out promisingly enough. I was a real gunner. Prescriptions were refilled. Laundry was put away. Work outs were accomplished. DVDs were returned to the library. The dogs were walked. The checks were deposited. And the dog licences and dog park memberships were renewed. And all before 11:30 AM.

And then it kind of stumbled to a halt. D' and I were scheduled to watch "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D today. We waited in line for a while before watching the last four tickets get purchased by the people directly in front of us. We then decided to try our luck at the dog park, not considering that the nice, warm weather that invited us to trek out, also cause the vast amount of snow and ice there to melt into a watery, muddy mess. Nero got a good run, but our new shoes got soaked and Ms. Lion ended up needing a bath. After that, we just kind of gave up and opted to hang out at home watching TV.

Now that things are settling down a bit for the evening, I decided to check in on the various headlines and other subjects that have recently grabbed my atttention:

*This was a sad story. Apparently, the Denver Archdiocese has forced a Boulder-based Catholic school to refuse to re-enroll a young boy to the school next fall because he has two moms. I'm sure the Church will try to convince us again that it is the victim once again of homosexual oppression. Then again, I don't understand why these mothers chose this school over other area schools. I mean, it's not unprecedented for Christian private schools to give kids the boot because they have gay parents. Then again, I don't know the Boulder school district. Maybe this was one of the better schools and they were attempting to rise above their own issues for the sake of their kid, much like Mark and I did when we allowed D' to join the Scouts. Either way, it's a sucky situation for the kid.

*Several months ago, something interesting opened up near Washington DC: a pro-Catholic/pro-life pharmacy. Its business modeled intentionally set out to honor pro-Catholic principles: namely no birth control (and apparently no soda or candy -- didn't know that these were Catholic no-no's). It was a good alternative for DC Catholics who are seeking family-friendly businesses to invest their money in. Apparently, the venture failed. Unless there was some last minute intervention that I don't know about, Save DMC Pharmacy closed shop this past Thursday. I find it sad that Catholics have time to rally against gay families in Washington DC, but don't have the time or inclination to support businesses in their community that clearly represent Catholic values. Very sad indeed.

*Speaking of closed down institutions, I was glad to read this week that the state of Iowa chose to not close down one of our state's Mental Health Institutes due to budget concerns. MHIs are not fun places, but they're necessary places for extremely symptomatic individuals who can't be treated safely in the community or in local hospitals. And, no, they're not cheap, but they're needed, as evidenced by their never-ceasing wait lists. They provide vital services for our state. We're better off with them than without them.

*This was pretty funny local news. A guy's drunk driving. He crashes into the Salvation Army. He stumbles out of his car and wanders off -- with can o' beer firmly in hand. The police intercept him a few blocks away. He's clearly drunk. His blood alcohol content measures at .101. His excuse? He hit the building not because he's drunk, but because he doesn't know how to drive. Yeah, that's gonna do it...

*One last thing. After the movie fell through, D' and I decided to run over of to Target to purchase a new blanket to replace the one that had been destroyed recently by Mr. Chewalot (AKA Nero). I walked past Target's wine selection and found several bottles of "Monogamy" brand wine on the shelf. I looked around, but apparently their "Playing the Field" selection has all sold out.

Have a good night folks!

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