Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Snub for "Facts of Life" for Gay Co-Star After All

Do you remember the article I posted last week about Facts of Life regular Geri Jewell writing a book and coming out in the process and subsequently getting snubbed over her lesbianism by friend and co-star Lisa Whelchel?  Remember how I hoped that the story wasn't true, but how I also could see Whelchel responding in that manner?

Turns out the story I referenced was wrong and that Whelchel isn't going out of her away to snub Jewel.  In short, I was wrong.  According to Jewell:
"(T)hat’s a bold face lie, because I have not been in contact with her. She would never snub me." Geri says she came out to the devout Christian years ago and it did not affect their relationship. "She's been a wonderful friend; loving me unconditionally and we both value honesty. And I love her deeply. She’s always been a good friend," she says.

"Her faith does not embrace that [homosexuality]. That is fine. Actually, I respect her because she walks her talk. She’s entitled to believe what she wants to believe," Geri says. Geri adds she couldn't be snubbed, because the two haven't talked in years, "our lives have gone in different directions. That's what happens in life."
Once again, I was wrong and I apologize for spreading a false rumor.

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