Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bachmann Visits Iowa City; Plots Against Zombies

I've never been a fan of Michele Bachmann, but my opinion of her shifted a bit in her favor following news reports of this morning's visit to Iowa City's Bluebird Diner.  This was the paragraph that helped me turn the corner for Bachmann:
The Bachmanns dined briefly with Bluebird Diner co-owner Thomas Connolly, his two sons Augustine and Cash, and his sister, Erin Connolly. Bachmann listened intently as one of the young boys discussed his favorite iPad apps, as well as zombies, pirates and ninjas.
Michele Bachmann is the only Presidential candidate who has dared discuss the ongoing threat of zombie plagues and the undead menace with potential voters.  Near as I can tell, Iowa City has been assaulted by hordes of zombies four times during the past year.  That's not even counting the attacks on Marshalltown or Ames or the ongoing threat of Zombie Burger in Des Moines, IA.

Bachmann took a huge risk today by acknowledging this very real threat to this country.  Hats off to her.

That's said, I'm not sure why she's worried about pirates or ninjas...

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