Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BVP and The FAMiLY LEADER Turn Their Recent Gaffes Into Cash

"An attack on us is also a direct attack on your family, your values, and your freedoms.  We take this very seriously."

That is the fund-raising pitch being made by The FAMiLY LEADER, whose mission statement is to attack families like mine, distort the values of families like mine, and trample over the freedoms of families like mine.  This organization wouldn't exist if there weren't gay families to destroy, which is what makes their fund-raising please so deliciously ironic.

The FAMiLY LEADER has been under a bit of scrutiny over the past month.  First they insist that all presidential candidates sign off on their multi-point "Marriage Vow" before they would be considered for the coveted FAMiLY LEADER endorsement.  Of course, only two candidates signed off on the pledge and the rest of the GOP presidential crowd quickly ignored or criticized the "Marriage Vow" due to footnotes that implied that slave kids were better off than modern day black kids.

Later in the month, video of bob Vander Plaats at a March 2011 FAMiLY LEADER event showed BVP laughing it up after a supported joked that Iowa is "the state where you can't smoke a fag, but you can marry one".  That led to a (in my opinion) silly letter writing campaign by One Iowa to get BVP to apologize, like he really gives two shakes about whether or not people are hurt by his comments or actions, much less the comments or actions of his supporters.

Thirdly, a group began organizing a boycott of Wells Blue Bunny products, following news that the Wells family has been financially supporting BVP.  Wells Blue Bunny quickly issued a statement that the business itself never donated money to BVP and that its employees are free to support anyone they want to support without it impacting the business itself.

And then finally, GOP House Speaker Pro Tem Jeff Kaufmann sent an e-mail to BVP last week telling him to chill out a bit and realize that his group, his group's "Marriage Vow", and the "ridiculous implications" of that vow were hurting his credibility.  He also told BVP to stop issuing veiled threats to GOP candidates who don't fully support BVP's selfish personal agenda.

Anyway, that's a lot of stuff over the past month that just drawn a lot of attention toward BVP, The FAMiLY LEADER, and their marriage-wrecking agenda.  And we all know that bad publicity needs to be turned around into positive fund-raising.  BVP is a victim of lukewarm Republicans and radical homosexuals because he laughed at an anti-gay joke.  Send him money.

And apparently they are.  Sending him (or The FAMiLY LEADER) money, that is:
"I can tell you that we have received unprecedented support, but we’re not going to release any amounts or the names of our donors at this point in time,” Julie Summa, director of marketing for The Family Leader, told The Iowa Independent Wednesday afternoon.
Of course, Husband Mark pointed out that "unprecedented" can mean a lot of things, including "not much".  In fact, their unspoken "unprecedented" fund-raising statement is likely just another attempt at raising even more funds for their family unfriendly group.  Time, and the eventual financial disclosure form, will tell.

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