Sunday, July 31, 2011

By The Numbers

I'm dragging this weekend, which is always a good excuse for a fresh "By The Numbers" blog article:

2 -- Number of people who attended a Boystown neighborhood funeral (Andrew and Kevin of TMF) this past Friday, at the request of that person's pastor.  If they hadn't been sought out by that pastor, there would have been nobody there to mourn for this person.

2 -- Number of super heroes it takes to help a lost kid find the father he lost in the crowd at Comic Con.

9 -- Number of votes that Rick Santorum received at the Johnson County Fair Mock Presidential Vote last week here in Iowa City, which garnered him 6% of the total votes.  Unfortunately for him, those nine votes came from his own family members.  Michele Bachmann won the Mock Vote with 22% of the final Republican votes.  Barack Obama won 92% of the final Democratic votes.  He was pitted against "Uncommitted", who won 8% of the Democratic votes, which is still more than Santorum ended up receiving.  Maybe Uncommitted had more family members attending the County Fair...

$20 -- Amount of money that Iowa City resident Mildred Henderson is accused of stealing from a 6-year-old child back in June:
Officers were called to Advanced Auto Parts, 425 Highway 6, at 2 p.m. June 16. A witness told officers he noticed a young girl in the parking lot counting a stack of money. As the witness continued to watch from his truck – noting the girl was alone — he saw a woman approach the girl and snatch the money from her hand, police said.

Police said the girl began to cry and the woman got into a car and left. The witness followed the woman, got a license plate number and reported the theft to police. He then circled back to Advanced Auto Parts to make sure the girl was OK, police said. The girl was with her father, who had been nearby, but did not witness the theft, police said.

Police found the woman, identified as 20-year-old Mildred E. Henderson... a short time later. The witness positively identified Henderson as the woman who took the girl’s money. The girl told police she had about $20 in one dollar bills and she didn’t know Henderson.

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