Monday, July 11, 2011

Captain America at K-Mart -- 07/11/11

Remember how Captain America got shot to death following the Civil War?  His body shriveled away and he remained dead until some sort time-travel thing or another.  Actually, I'm not sure how he came back, except that he's back.  By time he returned from the dead, his old World War II sidekick Bucky Barnes had been resurrected and had assumed Cap's classic (and yet updated) red, white, and blue costume.  The original Cap took over SHIELD and is now a cross between Nick Fury and Captain America.

Then last month, the new Captain America got his chest cavity slammed through by one of the Serpent's hammer-wielding avatars, Sin.  It wasn't very pretty.  There were lots of green flashy effects and blood specks and cybernetic energy sparkles.  Bucky lasted long enough to try rousing his buds, but it's kind of hard to get revved up when your flag-waver is lying there with a hole in his rib cage.

With this in mind, I actually ran into a new Captain America this evening at K-Mart.  I'm starting to wonder if Captain America is kind of like the whole Vampire Slayer legend.  One dies and another is mystically awakened.  This new Cap really needs a bigger shield.  He looks kind of familiar, though.  Check it out:

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