Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Flash Mob" and "Flash Communion" at the UCC General Synod 28

I shared earlier this week that the United Church of Christ is holding it's 28th General Synod down in Tampa, Florida, this weekend.  I guess they decided to host a couple different "Flash Mob" performances.  And I'm using the term "Flash Mob" lightly.  Especially for the first clip that I'll show before.  Part of the ever-dwindling novelty of flash mobs is their surprise and spontaneity.  Even I managed to run across invitations to participate in the GS28 flash mob.  So, it wasn't a terribly surprising or spontaneous event, though the content was.  But, this first clip appears to be a good way to keep the youth of the denomination engaged during Synod.  Check it out:

Regarding the "Flash Communion", I'm not quite sure what that means. Was it an unplanned open communion event? I'm guessing that's the case. My favorite part about this clip is the red gorilla stuffed animal that somebody was carrying around. Though I don't understand the concept of a "Flash Communion", it ended up being my favorite of the two flash events:

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