Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gay Parents Are Weird

Right Wing Watch shared a disrespectful link to clip titled "Having Gay Parents Is Weird!".  It's hard to tell from the blog article who exactly produced the following video.  It was either GOD TV's Sid Roth of It's Supernatural or Dr. Michael Brown, author of A Queer Things Happened to America.  I get the impression that Brown produced this video and used it as an advertisement for his book:
Before the interview, a trailer for the book features a boy at school imagining the terror of having same-sex parents: over-sentimental mothers who bandage his wounds and kiss him before he goes to sleep and dysfunctional fathers who tie his shoe laces and send him off to school.
Watch the video if you want.  The boy who is portrayed in this ad doesn't like his pretend parents.  He doesn't like it when his parents attend to his injuries or walk him to the bus stop or kiss him goodnight or read to him at bedtime.  Of course, the mothers are supposedly overly doting and the fathers are clearly ineffectual and the kid hates this.  Apparently, kids like having only one dad who knows how to burn breakfast and only one mom who can bandage a cut.

A quick review of Brown's Amazon page for his book and fan reactions assert that he loves and respects gay people.  The video shown above doesn't demonstrate love or respect.  It clearly states that gay parents and gay households like mine are "weird" to Brown and his supporters.  They (religious and social conservatives) claim to be the tolerant victims of mean gay people like me, because gay people like me object to false projections of what our families are like (much less the parenting skills of dads, in general).  The truth is that there is nothing tolerant or respectful or accurate about that video.


Mike and Tony said...

I am... speechless, okay that's not true. It was absolutely ridiculous. The only saving grace is that anyone who is on the fence about this issue, and has a brain, would hopefully see how utterly one sided and almost funny in it's stupidity. Thank you for sharing this.

Wade MacMorrighan said...

Howdy Jon! Another Gay Iowa Blogger, here... Great Blog, btw. And, thought I'd send you a link to my own (I have a few entries i'm working on, one that appears to show that NOM wants to use the SCOTUS Citizen United ruling to avoid IA. Finance laws!).

Jon said...

Thanks for commenting, guys. That video really got under my skin.

And thanks for sharing your blog, Wade. I'll check it out. It doesn't surprise me that NOM wants to skirt the finance disclosure laws. Not one bit...