Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th, Everyone!

It's been a fun weekend celebrating the independence of our country.  I learned that my 10-year-old is one of those people who didn't know the country we declared independence from.  He vacillated between Germany and China.  I tried prompting him about Paul Revere's famous -- though not necessarily historically accurate -- warning cry, but that didn't ring any bells.  He now knows that we declared independence from Great Britain.  Looks like we're due for an extensive American history lesson in our household, which could be fun.

D'Angelo and I drove downtown late last night to watch the annual fireworks display.  We drove through one of the parking garages and managed to find a parking spot way at the very top of the building.  It seemed like a perfect spot to watch.  Unfortunately, there was a building blocking part of our view.  We eventually found a spot that allowed us to see most of the show, which was a good one.

Fast forward to this morning.  I live in a small neighborhood.  It's not well-traveled.  It has lots of families and  few retired folks who all do a good job of keeping an eye on the kids.  Every July 4th, we closed off the street and hold our own neighborhood 4th of July children's parade.  Basically, it's a fun opportunity for the kids to dress up and decorate their bikes and scooters and march up and down the street.  It's usually finished within a couple of minutes, but the kids enjoy it and so do the adults.

We all gathered afterwards for a neighborhood brunch potluck.  My contribution to today's brunch was blueberry and raspberry waffles.  My learning curve for today's was the realization that raspberries and waffle irons don't really work well together.  This year's brunch was really special.  Three of the men played music for us all morning and our next door neighbor did a fly-by in his two-seater plane.  Everyone is always so busy with family and school and work.  It's so easy to disconnect from those around you.  These annual neighborhood gatherings are wonderful reminders to keep in touch and to create new memories.

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