Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marcus Bachmann's Clinic Was Glitter-Bombed Today

One month and one day ago, I expressed my frustration with a new GLBT activist trend of glitter-bombing GOP presidential candidates who hold anti-gay and anti-gay family attitudes.  You can read it here, but I basically said that I find glitter-bombing to be a pointless and counter-productive form of protest.  As usual, nobody listened to my opinion. 

Earlier today, a group of gay barbarians went to Marcus Bachmann's Christian counseling center.  They sang some lyrics to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" song and then covered the lobby with glitter.  This particular glitter-bomb protest was in response to reports that Bachmann & Associates offers ex-gay therapy.  Their attire was inspired by Bachmann's 2010 interview where he explained that gay teens are "barbarians" in need of education.

This whole stunt took about three minutes, but will likely haunt the GLBT community for months to come.


Anonymous said...

The thing that the media is failing to mention is that NO ONE is being captured and forced to go to this so called 'gay therapy'. Bachmann is not forcing his views of these people...They are seeking his/this service! If you are going to the WHOLE story.

Jon said...

There are many unethical treatments that people seek. I had a woman seek county funding to fly her and her foster son, my client, to Africa to receive some crazy treatment to cure him of his cognitive disabilities. (And no we did not even hesitate for a second to deny this treatment request) Ex-gay treatment doesn't work and it's not ethical. All of the organizations that accreditate mental health professionals in this country agree with this basic belief.

Beyond that basic point.

1. If it's a basic client choice for Bachmann to provide reparative therapy, why won't he comment or back up this therapeutic choice. Right now he's refusing to comment.

2. I disagree that this is a client choice in many situations. Teens are forced into this type of treatment by parents. Young adults are coerced into this type of treatment by family members and church.

Either way, thanks for commenting, Anonymous.