Friday, August 12, 2011

Bachmann Leading in the Iowa State Fair Corn Poll

Surely you have heard of the world famous Iowa State Fair Corn Poll?  Neither had I before today.  But it exists and Michele Bachmann is winning so far, though Mitt Romney looks like he's a stronger contender for second place:

For whatever reason, President Obama is not included in this poll.

Neither is perennial black sheep GOP candidate Fred Karger despite the fact that he is an actual declared presidential candidate as opposed to most of those featured in that poll.  But he's gay, so the GOP establishment disregards him even though he's out-polling several of the others in the Corn Poll.

I will be at the State Fair sometime within the next week.  I will keep my eyes out for the Corn Poll.  I really want to see if they really are only including Republican candidates (or potential candidates).

Incidentally, the 2008 Democratic Corn Poll winner was Hillary Clinton.  Barack Obama scored the number three spot.  I've done a couple searches, but haven't yet determined who (if anyone) won the 2008 GOP Corn Poll.

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