Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did the NOM Values Voter Bus Come to Iowa City?

Frankly, I have no idea.

The National Organization for Marriage teamed up with a couple other national organizations and a bunch of Republicans to drive across Iowa in it's Values Voter Bus Tour.  Their goal is to rally against gay families like mine.  Oh, they hate abortion also.

The bus tour started yesterday in Des Moines.  That initial kick-off event drew tons of reporters, many protesters, and a few supporters.  Most interesting for me was the inclusion of Bob Vander Plaats of The FAMiLY LEADER.  Considering BVP's media ego, I was surprised that he wasn't showing up in any of the NOM Bus' promotional materials and wondered if he was being cut loose.  But he was there.  So was Iowa's Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds:
Reynolds, a Republican, voiced official support for the groups’ aims on behalf of herself and Gov. Terry Branstad and called on straw-poll voters to keep social issues in mind as they cast their ballots on Saturday.

“As you head to Ames this weekend … raise the forefront the importance of family values, faith and life and defending the constitution,” she said.
I've seen a few news articles and many blog reflections about the Des Moines kick off.  And I read about their stop in nearby Cedar Rapids this morning.  But I can find no proof that they ever made it for yesterday's scheduled Iowa City whistle stop in nearby Coralville.  I've checked out our local newspapers.  I've looked at the website for our local radio station.  I've tried all sorts of variations of google searches with words such as NOM, bus, Coralville, and Iowa City.  I've looked at a few local conservative blogs.  I even found the Values Bus' twitter feed.  But I've found nothing.

It makes me wonder if nobody showed up so they didn't stop.  If that's true, it makes me wonder how many of their other bus stops never materialize into actual stops...

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