Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gay Marriage Support Increasing in Iowa

Public Policy Polling reported late last week that support for marriage equality continue to increase here in Iowa:
As the only Midwestern state where it is legal, Iowa is becoming increasingly favorable to same-sex marriage. 46% think it should be legal, and 45% illegal. But when civil unions are included as an alternative, giving gay couples the same rights as marriage, 40% still prefer full marriage equality, 30% favor civil unions, and only 29% think there should be no recognition of these relationships at all. When we asked the same question in April, the breakdown was 35-29-33. Democrats, Republicans, and independents are all more in favor of both marriage and civil unions than before, but particularly Republicans, 14% of whom favor marriage and 36% civil unions now, versus 10-28 four months ago. For Democrats, it is 63-23 versus 57-25, and for independents, 40-31 versus 35-36.
Only 24% of Iowa's supported marriage equality back in the mid-90s. That number increased to 44% in 2010.  Either way, same-sex marriage support continues to increase year after year, state after state.

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