Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iowa's 2010 Same-Sex Census Numbers Are Out: Iowa City Is Tops

The U.S. Census Bureau has been providing updated information about the number of gay and lesbian couples in each state following the 2010 census. According to them, same-sex households in Iowa have increased by 77% between 2000 and 2010. Then again, what are they basing those numbers off? I mean, they supposedly weren’t counting our families in either 2000 or 2010 and then they went back and forth on which families they would count.

Iowa City had the highest number of gay households in 2010 with a total of 364 couples. Des Moines had 901 couples. Coralville had 79 couples. North Liberty had 64 couples. Iowa City apparently has the densest population of gay and lesbian households with 13.1 per 1,000 households.

I’d be much more impressed with these numbers if they actually looked at more concrete figures. How many married couples are there in Iowa? That’s something pretty definitive. You have a marriage license or you don’t. Right now, the numbers are all self-reported, if I remember the census correctly.

Iowa’s census numbers are pretty low. We’re currently ranking 38th out of 41 analyzed states. Bob Vander Plaats of The FAMiLY LEADER is crowing that because we have fewer gay households than states like Vermont (which has actually had a concrete way of tracking the number of gay and lesbian households throughout the past decade) that gays and lesbians aren’t interested in marrying and that marriage equality should be eliminated. I’m curious how much Iowa’s same-sex household numbers might increase to by 2020 if BVP and his horde of busybodies spent time tending to their own families instead of trying to destroy my family.

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