Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NOM's "Values Voter Bus Tour" Driving through Iowa Next Week

I learned tonight from Kyle over at his An Enduring Vision blog that the National Organization for Marriage will begin its "Values Voter Bus Tour" next week, starting on Tuesday, August 9th, in Des Moines.  The Values Voter Bus Tour will travel through nearly half of Iowa's counties over a four day period, rallying against gay families and marriages.  They are also concerned about abortion rights, as well.  Their motto?  "Votes Have Consequences".  NOM will kick off its tour on Jan Mickelson's radio program and then begin shooting this way and that way throughout Iowa before concluding at the Ames Straw Poll on Saturday, August 13th.

Tons of Republican presidential and statewide candidates will be participating in the Values Voters Bus Tour and showing their contempt for Iowa's gay and lesbian families.  Those candidates include Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Steve King, Michele Bachmann, and Louie Gohmert.  Interestingly, I don't see any evidence that thrice-failed gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats or his FAMiLY LEADER organization will be participating in this event.  They are the go-to group for anti-gay family politics and BVP is supposedly one of the top king-makers.  Then again, they kind of flopped last month when they issued their widely panned "Marriage Vow".  I could be mistaken that BVP might end up glomming onto NOM's latest bus tour, but I think it'd be delicious if they got left out of this project.

The Values Voter Bus Tour will be stopping somewhere here in Iowa that first night at around 7:00 PM.  Part of me wants to attend in order to stand up for my families and others like it.  Then again, I don't want them to use my presence to prop up their attendance numbers.  Either way, I'll be sure to post one or two updates on this marriage equality event and give my Iowa perspective.

Edited to Add: According to the Band of Brothers blog, NOM's Values Voter Bus Tour's stop in Iowa City will actually be in neighboring Coralville at the Culver's fast food restaurant.  I've never been a fan of their butter burgers.

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