Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Want a "Fred Who?" Frisbee

Michele Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll, in case you didn't hear.

Now that that is out of the way, this is the Straw Poll story that interested me the most: Fred Karger Vies for Write-In Votes; Pushes a wheelbarrow full of Frisbees:
Candidate Fred Karger, a gay Republican, wants some votes at today’s straw poll... He and two of his campaign supporters are pushing around a wheelbarrow full of Frisbees that say “Fred Who.” They’re also passing out cards that urge straw poll attendees to write in his name.

“People have been really friendly but we just haven’t gotten started yet,” Karger said, noting that they hope to set their wheelbarrow next to an empty space by the Faith & Freedom Coalition.
I love Fred Karger.  He's this gadfly who buzzes around the Republican establishment with his presidential ambitions and is constantly swatted at.  Despite Harris poll numbers that put him ahead of many other GOP presidential candidates, he was swatted away from the Iowa Straw Poll and earlier this week was banned from Fox News' Republican Party of Iowa presidential candidate debate. 

The fact is that he's gay.  The GOP doesn't even like GOProud, the most anti-gay gay group that ever politicked for the GOP.  What chance does an openly gay man (who supports socially progressive issues like marriage equality, abortion rights, medical marijuana, and a "path to citizenship" for certain illegal immigrants) have as a Republican presidential candidate?

To be honest, I agree with Karger more than I disagree with him.  I would vote for him if given the opportunity.  I'm a married gay parent who is a government employee and one of my sons has permanent mental disabilities that will make him dependent on government assistance for the rest of his life.  In other words, I understand that pretty much nothing about the modern Republican party speaks for me or my family.  So, it's pretty big for me to support Republican candidate Fred Karger.

I am totally hoping to run into Fred Karger next Tuesday when I'm visiting the Iowa State Fair with my son, my mom, and my brother.  I want one of his "Fred Who?" Frisbees and I will throw it towards somebody.

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