Saturday, September 17, 2011

And a Pumpkin in a Pear Tree

Here's a fun story coming out of Iowa.  A Greenfield, IA, couple discovered a pumpkin hanging from their pear tree earlier this month:
(Phil and JaNelle Lovely) say they have no idea how the pumpkin ended up in their tree, but it appears to be the work of Mother Nature. A nearby garden vine climbed the tree, giving the now-green pumpkin the appearance of having sprouted from one the tree's branches.

JaNelle Lovely says people have been stopping by to see the suspended pumpkin since it was discovered on Labor Day. She's hoping it remains in the tree until it turns orange.
The Lovely's pumpkin story reminded me of my own unexpected pumpkin story.  Mark and I rented a house for a few years before finally settling into our current home.  That first fall, we were raking leaves and clearing away a bunch of weeds.  We ended up discovering the hugest pumpkin hidden amongst all of those weeds.  It was bigger and better looking than anything that you could find at the store.  My guess is that the prior tenants had carved a pumpkin the previous fall and had tossed the discarded seeds out the front door.  Fortunately for us, one of the seeds managed to sprout up.

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