Wednesday, September 28, 2011

By the Numbers

Seemed like a good day for some random:

5 -- Number of GOP presidential candidates who have confirmed their attendance at The FAMiLY Leader's "Thanksgiving Family Forum (presumably held in November).  They include Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum.  The FAMiLY Leader is devoted to attacking and eliminating gay families like mine and the GOP supports their anti-family agenda.  Perry and Romney haven't confirmed yet, which NOM wants you to know.  Meanwhile, they apparently don't care about any of the other confirmed GOP presidential candidates like Fred Karger, who actually does seek to protect all families.  My guess is that Karger hasn't been invited to this event...

$24.99 -- How much money you'll pay to purchase one of the coolest marketing products ever: "Enduring Freedom" Jesus Christ Doll with Rocket Launcher.  Your 4-year-old will enjoy playing with his 12-inch-tall plastic Lord and Savior.  He (or she) will spend hours reliving that portion of Revelations when  Jesus Christ fought off the Four Horses of the Apocalypse using his light mortar rocket launcher (complete with projectile bombs w/depleted uranium tips) and battle knife.  Pretty cool stuff, if you're into that kind of thing.

48 -- Number of illegal immigrants arrested in Iowa and Nebraska this week as part of a nationwide operation conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  2,900 individuals were arrested throughout the nation.  Each of these individuals has had at least one criminal conviction and more that half of those convictions were felonies.  All 2,900 now face deportation.

$1,387 -- That is how much (gross) that actor Corey Feldman earns every month.  His ex-wife is seeking health insurance and child support, according to TMZ.  I'm not even sure why this article caught my eye.  But it amazed me for some reason that Feldman's income after being in all those big movies is now just $26 above the 150% FLP (federal level of poverty).  My favorite Feldman movie is Gremins, by the way.

4,093 -- Revised U.S. Census numbers of the number of same-sex households in Iowa.  That's down from their earlier report of 6,540 household earlier this summer.  Apparently, there was a problem with the design of the forms used by the Census workers who visited homes that created this "data collection error".  I'm still not sure how they can assert that this is the number, given that they were inconsistent about whether gay families should report ourselves as such or whether or not they would even record our families.  But, that's the official number for now.

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