Friday, September 2, 2011

Cheering on the Kernels

D'Angelo and I traveled north to Cedar Rapids this evening to watch the Cedar Rapids Kernels battle the Kane County Cougars at the Perfect Game Field.  We had bought tickets through his school and got a pretty good deal.  Basically, his school and several other Iowa City-based elementary schools flooded the stadium and many of the kids, including D', got to do something fun at the game.  Stuff like pitching a ball or making a public announcement or staging a fantasy game.  I've always felt that the Kernels do a great job of reaching out to and including the community at the games.  It helps make the baseball experience a bit more fun and it brings us back to future games.

D' was one of several kids who were chosen to hold an enormous American flag at the beginning of the game.  Check this thing out.  It's huge!:

D'Angelo is wearing a black t-shirt and standing next to the blond woman on the far left corner of the flag.  I know he would have preferred to pitch one of the balls, but he was still excited to get asked to participate in an aspect of the game.

The heat was awful.  Fortunately, our seats were in the shade the entire time.  But it was still hot and muggy and there were lots and lots of screaming kids sitting around me.  We eventually realized that nobody claimed the seats right next to us, so we decided to shift down a couple seats so that we would have a little more elbow room.  Then during the middle of the 4th inning some woman tapped my shoulder and told me that she and whomever she was with weren't ready to sit quite yet, but they were going to claim their seats soon.  I have no clue why they hadn't been to their seats during the first half of the game, but I said "okay" and scooted back into my correct seat.  I never saw the woman again.  Shortly afterwards, D' and I decided that it would be okay to leave the game a little early.  The Kernels were winning 1-0 and the heat wasn't dissipating even though the sun was disappearing.

Don't get me wrong.  I love going to baseball games and I usually enjoy watching the Kernels.  I just couldn't deal with the heavy air and hot temperatures.  I'm almost positive that we will sign up for this event next fall, just like we came for the past two school-themed events.  But it was definitely fun to watch D'Angelo out on the field with the other kids.

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