Saturday, September 24, 2011

From the UK: Divorces Less Common Amongst Gay Civil Partners Vs. Straight Marriages

According to the Office of National Statistics, gay civil partnerships were less likely to dissolve between 2005-2010 than heterosexual marriages throughout the United Kingdom.  When you look at the percentages, neither group ran that high -- especially when you hear the often repeated mantra about the "50% divorce rate".  According to the ONS, 5.5% of marriages ended with divorce during that five year span compared to 2.5% of civil partnerships ending with dissolutionSince 2005, 42,778 civil partnerships were undertaken -- which is apparently four times the number that was initially expected.

Qweerty wisely notes some reasons for the disparity between divorces vs. dissolutions:
The data could be distorted by the possibility that many of the first couples to get civil unions in 2005 had already been together for a long time.

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