Monday, September 5, 2011

Gay Marriage Activists Glitter-Bomb the Minnesota State Fair

I've written a couple different times about marriage equality supporters glitter-bombing politicians, Pride demonstrators, and ex-gay counseling clinics owned and operated by the spouses of presidential candidates.  I noted in this article why I believe that glitter-bombing is bad news:
Glitter-bombing is kind of like binging on a box of donuts. You might feel really good while in the moment, but all you're left with afterwards is a powdery mess. It's an empty effort that only sets us back from our goal of equality. In other words, leave the glitter and the confetti at home next time and come up with a more effective and grown-up form of GLBT advocacy.
In other words, it's a juvenile reaction and it makes the larger movement look bad.

This past weekend, it was reported that Minnesota for Marriage (a coalition of anti-family groups like the Minnesota Family Council, the Minnesota Catholic Conference, and the National Organization for Marriage) managed to obtain a booth at the Minnesota State Fair.  This is after they and Minnesotans United for All Families (a pro-marriage equality organization) had both been told that they missed a deadline for setting up booths.  As a result, Minnesota for Marriage has access to a constant stream of fair-goers to sign their petition to introduce a ballot amendment that would ban legal recognition of gay and lesbian families on the state's 2012 ballot.

Donald McFarland of Minnesotans United for All Families says that they had been told that the fair was completely sold out of concession spaces.  Fair spokesperson Lara Hughs says that they would gladly consider the approval of a license registration for Minnesotans United for All Families.  The Concessions and Exhibit Staff say that they are accepting no new vendors and that Minnesotans United for All Families needs to chill out and re-apply next year.  Either way, Minnesota for Marriage is in and Minnesotans United for All Families is out of the 2011 Minnesota State Fair.

Which leads to the glitterazzi
Glitter rained down from the heavens in a "Minnesota Miracle" on the anti-marriage equality booth at the Minnesota state fair. LGBT equality activists showered the booth from a ski lift shouting: "where's our booth?" and "equality for all" in reference to the strange appearance of the anti-gay booth despite the exclusion of a pro-equality booth on the fairgrounds.

"As LGBT people are excluded from basic rights like marriage, the voices of marriage equality activists in Minnesota were excluded from having a booth at the Minnesota state fair," said participant Joanna Hirvela, "but we will not be silenced. Wherever there is bigotry, let there be glitter."
Frankly, I'd be pissed if I was with Minnesotans for All Families and learned that campaign rivals had been glitter-bombed from above.  It totally undermines the marriage equality group's mission and opens them up to criticism and payback.  It also threatens acceptance as a vendor at state fairs.  Not only in Minnesota, but potentially in other states, too.

Once again, the glitter-bombing needs to end.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article. I agree completely, and am writing something about this.

First Hipster said...

Here's what I wrote about it: there needs to be a movement against glitter-bombing - I linked to your post in mine, I hope we can get more people to realize what a bad idea this is:

Jon said...

Hey there Hipster! I read your blog post. Very good stuff. Anything we can do to end glitter-bombing is a good thing in my book!

First Hipster MN said...

Thanks for reading! I've been contacting a few of the organizations in Minnesota, asking if they will consider making statements against it... it's worth a shot!