Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heterosexuality is like a Lock and Key

Heterosexual sex is like a key that unlocks the heart.  At least, that's the story being told by Rev. Johnny Hunter over in North Carolina at a Republican press event promoting a constitutional amendment to ban the legal recognition of gay families:
According to at least one of the speakers called to the podium by (Speaker Pro Tem Dale) Folwell, an anti-LGBT marriage amendment is necessary in North Carolina because homosexual acts violate biological rules. According to a Rev. Johnny Hunter, sexual acts between two people of the same gender are “immoral and unnatural.” Hunter explained that only heterosexual acts allow a marriage to be properly “consummated.” At one point, Hunter held up two locks (apparently as a symbol for two women) and banged them together to show that they were not designed for each other. He said the same would be the case for two keys – apparently in reference to two men.

Got that? According to a speaker promoted by one of the top officers in the North Carolina House of Representatives, marriage isn’t marriage unless it can be consummated through heterosexual intercourse...

One of the reverends explained that if 20 male couples (or 20 female couples) were isolated, Gilligan-like, on a desert island for 100 years, they would eventually die off but that if men and women were present, they would produce lots of offspring!
I have to break it to Rev. Hunter (and not to get graphic), but gay couples (at least those of the male variety) can usually find some sort of lock to unlock, even with an abundance of keys.  We might not repopulate an island in 100 years, but we'd have fun trying.  Plus, what's the likelihood of 20 male couples or 20 female couples getting stranded on an isolated island?

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