Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm a Winner!

A few weeks ago, I was checking out the Twitter feeds of different people and came across a notice for a "Freebie Friday" contest by one of my favorite writers, Kelley Armstrong.  I was asked to name two of the narrators for her book, Living with the Dead.  I've been re-reading the books and answered Hope Adams (a chaos-binging half-demon) and Adele Morrissey (an evil Clairvoyant photographer).  Turns out that I was one of the three winners for that week's contest!  (More on that below.)

I don't write about her work much, but I can't get enough of her "Women of Otherworld" books and related works.  Imagine that there is this secret society of supernatural races living among us.  That's the Otherworld.  I started reading the first book, Bitten, because I like werewolves.  Bitten introduced readers to Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf on the planet.  The story explored her ambivalence about her lycanthropic fate, while detailing an attempted werewolf coup against the North American Werewolf Pack.  Stolen came next and informed both Elena and the readers that the Otherworld has more than just werewolves in it.  There are witches and shamen and super-powered half-demons and vampires.  Subsequent books introduced ghost-seeing necromancers (one of whom earned her fame passing fake messages from the grave to her grieving fans), Mafia-like sorcerer Cabals, and Clairvoyant paparazzi.

Anyway, I was offered an autographed "extra" from Kelley Armstrong's bookshelf.  It was mostly a bunch of anthologies that contained short stories by her.  But there were also some audio books and other materials.  Husband Mark suggested I get Armstrong's Otherworld Primer.  It's a black and white comic book that provides a basic introduction to all of the main characters and most of the supernatural races who populate the Otherworld.  Not that I needed a primer, but Mark thought it would be nice for him to finally figure out what I'm yammering on about everytime I get one of her books!

The Otherworld Primer arrived yesterday.  I occasionally bug D' that we're going to move to Canada.  Don't get me wrong.  I'd really like to move to Canada.  There's lots of room, saner politics, and I could bring my dogs with me.  But Mark wants us to have actual jobs before emigrating and D' absolutely does NOT want to move to Canada (he hates Degrassi -- don't ask...) and I'm pretty sure that it would be close to impossible to move Les permanently to another country, so we're not moving anytime soon.  But it was fun getting a package from Ontario and it was even funner teasing D' that it contained the deed to our new Canadian house.

The comic is pretty cool, but it was even more cool to get a half-dozen Otherworld-related bookmarks.  Readers are guided through the Otherworld by the powerful half-witch/half-sorcerer Savannah Levine.  It does a great job of summarizing the characters, their races, and some of the major character/plot points.  Plus, it focuses heavily on the werewolves which is always a good thing.

I want to thank Kelley Armstrong for sending me the comic book primer and the book marks and I really want to encourage others to pick up her work.  The stories are fun and exciting and creative and the pace is always smooth as butter.

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