Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Undead were Unleashed on Iowa City Yesterday

A couple days back, I warned my readers about a planned zombie invasion of Iowa City.  Despite my warnings, the zombies managed to lumber through downtown Iowa City before attacking the Iowa City Yacht Club.  As near as I can tell, both the police and the military failed to step in and protect the citizens of Iowa City from this unholy scourge of living death:
More than 200 zombies took part in the trek, which was a fundraiser for Iowa City Hospice Care and the Red Shamrock Foundation, which supports post-cancer patients. It also served as a food drive for Table to Table... (T)he zombies snarled at honking motorists, lumbered past pedestrians who stopped to take cell-phone pictures and drew more than a few befuddled looks from Hawkeye fans heading home after Saturday's game.
It's unbelievable that we live in a day and age where hundreds of undead zombies can swarm the streets of one of Iowa's major cities and attack UI Hawk fans without any sense of response from the local authorities.  Where in that article was a response from either the Iowa City City Council or from the Johnson County Board of Supervisors?  Has the sheriff or the chief of police issued instructions for the frightened people of this community?   So far, the answer is "no".

Fortunately, the zombies actually communicated their intent to attack the Iowa City Ped Mall this time around.  Watchful citizens like myself had time to warn our neighbors and board up our houses.  We might not be so fortunate next time.  Remain vigilant against the zombie menace and be prepared to hold our elected officials accountable.  We might not be fortunate enough to make it through the next incursion alive.

Check out this website for images of yesterday's zombie invasion.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I find it ironic that they held a "Zombie" walk to raise money for Hospice Care, weird.. just saying