Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who Knew? Iowa City Has Its Own Pet Psychic

It has been a long while, but I have a grudging respect for pet psychics.  Several years ago when I had a blog over on Beliefnet, I wrote about being a fan of animal psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick.  She used to have a cable TV show on Animal Planet and now has a satellite radio program on Sirius XM every Tuesday night.  Pet psychics -- or animal communicators -- purport to have telepathic gifts that allow them to mentally communicate with animals, both living and deceased.  A couple that I have come across recently have also claimed to possess the ability to communicate as mediums with deceased people.  They do not need to be physically with the animals when communicating with them.

This is what I wrote back in 2007:
People call in and ask (Sonya) about behavioral problems that their pet is having or to get some insight from their pet's perspective and she comes off as completely believable. She'll throw out some observation from the caller's pet that touches on unspoken truths. Sometimes, it's clear that she's fishing, but other times I can't deny her legitimacy...

My guess is that her abilities have less to do with psychic abilities and more to do with everyday insight, empathy, and knowledge of animal behavior. I'm a social worker who works primarily with disabled kids and I can usually throw out certain questions or observations about their kids when fishing for more information and more often than not, my intuition is spot-on (or it leads down a very similar road). There are certain universal experiences with disabled kids and their families, just as there are certain universal behaviors and experiences with pets. My guess is that Sonya benefits from these animal universals.

Regardless of the genuineness of her psychic abilities, she is a wonderful radio personality and does a great job of connecting with her callers and audience.
More recently, I reconnected with Sonya's program this summer when I renewed my Sirius XM subscription and it's been good to hear her talk to and for the animals.  Before I thought she was a good performer.  These days, despite myself, I'm kind of becoming a believer.  Seriously.

Before I move on, let me share this video that I came across of Sonya providing cat-blogger Karen Nichols are pet psychic reading, which she shared on her blog.  Within minutes, Nichols went from being a skeptic to a believer:

I've added a second clip of Sonya while visiting the Sirius OutQ just 'cuz:

That gives you a little taste of what I've been dipping my toes into recently.  Fast forward to a last month.  I came across a series of podcasts called Pet Psychic Radio.  This particular psychic is named Laura Stinchfield.  I've heard her read dogs and cats and horses.  Sometimes callers have a behavioral problem that they want addressed.  Sometimes they want to learn more about a rescue animal's past.  And other times people just want to see what their pets think of them.  At times, I find myself laughing at these animals' antics and other times I find myself close to tears.  The end result is that this is something that I find myself wanting to directly experience somehow.

Last week, I was mucking about on the Internets and came across a startling discovery: Iowa City has its own animal communicator!  Not only that, but she's someone I know.  At least, she's somebody that I know of.  Her name is Sondy Kaska and she is a local attorney.  She is available by appointment to assist with either living and deceased pets.  And her rates aren't terribly expensive.  I'm strongly tempted to give this a try. 

Christmas is coming soon.  So is my 40th birthday.  Maybe I can talk Mark into getting me a gift card for an hour-long reading.  Both Ms. Lion and Nero have some nervous behaviors that I would like to address, plus I would like to hear what's foremost on their minds (Calliope, too!).  It's very much possible that this is a wishful pipe dream.  But it's something I want to check out at least once in my life.

On a related note before I log off, I was chatting at the end of my shift today and asked one of my team-members if she knew that Sondy was an animal communicator.  She told me that she did indeed know this.  Apparently, she had purchased a one-hour gift certificate with Sondy last year and gave it to her mother to help her prepare for her cat's upcoming death.  She said that her mother sent a picture of her cat to Sondy and then visited with her by phone.  Sondy was able to help my co-worker communicate with the cat and process the impending death.  Apparently, it was a very positive experience for her.  Afterwards, Sondy forwarded a tape-recorded version of the call to my co-worker's mother.

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