Sunday, October 30, 2011

By the Numbers

7 -- Number of reasons why zombies are seriously taking over Iowa and the world.  This article talks about the various battles between zombies and people that have occurred since 2005 on Iowa campuses, as well as UNI classes about zombie literature, supposedly charitable zombie walks, zombie conventions, and underground zombie societies.  It's a scary time to be among the living...

10 -- List of the top ten best comic book live-action TV series of all time.  It was a no-brainer that AMC's The Walking Dead made the list.  I was glad to see Tales From the Crypt and The Incredible Hulk also made the list, though I'm kind of shocked that there was no mention of The Tick.

96 -- Percentage of U.S. counties that house children of same-sex couples.  According to information referenced in this blog article, gay couples living in the South are most likely to be raising children.  Mississippi has the largest percentage of gay couples raising kids.  Gay families are twice as likely to be living in poverty when compared to married heterosexual families with kids.  Our families are also more racially diverse than the general population.  Most importantly, our kids statistically turn out okay and well-adjusted.

5.4 Million -- Amount of money that Go the Distance Baseball LLC potentially paid to purchase Dyersville, Iowa's "Field of Dreams" property.  The property's owners asked for $5.4 million, but the actual purchase price has not yet been disclosed.  The original property owners have been searching for a while to find buyers who promise to honor the baseball field and keep it available to the public.

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