Saturday, October 8, 2011

By the Numers

2 -- Number of conservatives glitter-bombed by foolish GLBT-activists yesterday.  Those glitter-bombed included Representative Erik Paulsen of Minnesota (for his active support of a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay and lesbian couples from legally marrying) and Republican strategist Karl Rove (presumably for being Karl Rove).  According to the glitter-bombers:
At the Minnesota Faith and Freedom Coalition strategy session about the upcoming ballot measure seeking to re-write the state constitution to ban marriages for same-sex couples, Republican Party hit-man Karl Rove, and congressman Erik Paulsen were showered with glitter in two separate actions by a group of equality advocates who call themselves “The Glitterati.” The event was set to award Paulsen with a “Friend of the Family” award for his efforts to put the anti-family constitutional amendment on the ballot in Minnesota for 2012.

You’re no friend to my family!” exclaimed Michael Cahill, as he showered Erik Paulsen with glitter.

A few hours later Karl Rove was doused in glitter at a book signing at the same event by a second advocate, Ben Egerman. “Feel the rainbow” he shouted, as the sparkles flew through the air.

“Let me be clear, we are going to continue these glitter actions so long as people like Paulsen and Rove are doing everything they possibly can to make the lives of queer people worse.” Egerman said.
Egerman was arrested and charged with assault.  It was unclear from the press-release if anything happened to Cahill.  In the press-release, they cited a scene from Glee in which Sue Sylvester was glitter-bombed while on film.

8 -- Number of guns in the possession of Roger J. Torbol, 55, of Wamego, KS, when he was arrested just outside of Iowa City.  Torbol is a felon and, as such, isn't allowed to possess any weapons.  He was previously convicted of burglary and possession of a firearm as a felon.  In addition to be arrested for possession of a firearm as a felon, Torbol was also arrested for possessing two baggies full of marijuana.

13 -- Number of years since college student Matthew Shepard was fatally beaten and hung up like a scarecrow in the middle of the country.  He would eventually die from this attack.  This gruesome hate crime connected with both the media and the public in a manner seldom witnessed in previously reported anti-gay hate crimes.

43 -- Number of years since the Metropolitan Community Church was founded by Rev. Troy Perry.  The MCC was founded with the goal of providing a Christian home for GLBT worshippers.  The first worship service occurred in Rev. Perry's home.  He was joined by 12 people that first night.  Since then, the denomination has grown into an international house of worship.

@250 -- Number of protesters who "occupied" Iowa City's College Green Park last night to protest the Wall Street bail-outs and the lack of governmental and corporate responsibility towards the "99%" (i.e., America's poor and middle class).  An interesting blog article related to this event asks the question "Can People Occupy Iowa Without Faith?".

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