Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gay GOP Fund-Raiser/"A-List" Star Finally Files a Police Report

This past weekend, I wrote about “The A-List: Dallas” personality Taylor Garrett who reported via Twitter this past Friday that somebody – presumably a left-wing GLBT activist – threw a rock through his window with the nasty note complaining about his Republican affiliation. This came after reports that he will be having lunch on an episode of the reality show with anti-gay conservative speaker/GOProud Advisory Board chair, Ann Coulter. Not everyone believed the story (as evidenced by the lack of a police report) and then Saturday afternoon the rock posts were deleted from Garrett’s Twitter feed.

It might have taken four days, but Taylor Garrett finally reported the incident to the police yesterday morning. It was filed as a category 31, which apparently stands for “criminal mischief”:

Personally, if someone threw a rock through my window, I would call the police within moments of encountering the incident. I might eventually Tweet about it or write about it. Then again, maybe we roll differently in Iowa City compared to Dallas. Either way, it makes the story ring a little truer when one contacts the police and then promotes the incident (and the reality show) instead of the other way around.

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