Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homecoming Spirit Day or Homosexual Agenda Day?

I learned today of a story coming out of Florida where one high school's homecoming event has raised the shackles of some students' parents.  Like my own high school and college, Olympia High School in Windermere, FL, does a week long series of events to get students all psyched up for the big homecoming game.  One thing that schools do is ask students to dress up and Olympia High School is no different.  This year, its student council planned "Switch-A-Roo" day.  Here is how that is described:
A voicemail message from the school's principal left on the phones of all parents, said: 'girls dress like your favourite guy, and guys dress like your favourite girl.'
Predictably, now parents are complaining that their children are being forced into a homosexual lifestyle:
One mother told Fox News Orlando she had to replay the message, because she couldn't believe her ears. Lolita Kollore says she doesn't mind special days, but thinks organised cross-dressing 'sends out the wrong message' to students. Kollore, whose son is a sophomore, said: 'What I first thought, is 'Oh my God!... They're promoting gay and lesbianism through cross-dressing.' Kollore said her teenage son did not want to take part... Cross dressing encourages homosexuality and imposes an alternative lifestyle on all students, she said.
Keep in mind that students don't have to actually participate in these events and that this isn't really cross dressing, at least not really in either the fetish or the alternative lifestyle sense.  It's costuming.  Like dress up.  Plus, lots of gays and lesbians and bisexuals actually make it through their lives without cross dressing. 

Kollore wants the school's principal to cancel "Switch-A-Roo" day.  If not, she will keep her son home from school that day.  Which is just as well for the rest of the students.  It's just supposed to be fun.  It's not supposed to have an agenda.  No more than the "dress like their favorite animal" day isn't supposed to promote bestiality.  Sometimes people are just looking for a reason to complain and ruin others' fun.

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