Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bully Attacks Classmate in Class//Video of Assault Posted Online: Time to Call 911

Imagine that you walk into your workplace and are immediately pounded to the ground and repeatedly punched over and over and over by somebody (a supervisor or a co-worker or a client or a customer or whomever). This incident results in a possible concussion and a chipped tooth. This person not only attacks you in an unprovoked manner, but he has somebody film the assault and post it on the Internet. What would you do? Would you turn to your employer to enforce some form of anti-violence code of conduct? Or would you call the police and file criminal charges against your attacker for assault?

I would do the latter and I suspect that most people here would, too. Which is why I don't get it when kids are beat up in school and everyone focuses on the school to impose a punishment and yet nobody seems to call the cops.

It's one of the things I hate about "Glee".  The Gleeks routinely have slushy drinks thrown at them and poured on them by other students and nobody does anything about it.  Not them, not their parents, and not the teachers who witness and acknowledge this.  If my kid was getting doused by slushy drinks by other kids, I'd haul them into small claims court over and over and over to clean and/or replace damaged clothing until they stopped or until they went broke.  Either that or I'd take them in front of Judge Judy and have her shame them on national television.

I totally understand that schools have a responsibility to alleviate bullying and to keep their students safe from harm.  But they can only do so much.  If a student is physically assaulted, you need to contact the police and press charges.  We would do it for ourselves as adults.  Why would we do anything differently because the victim is a teen?

Updated on 10/28/11: According to a report on, the sheriff's office in this community is investigating this assault and "evaluating whether to file an assault or felonious assault charge" against the 15-year-old suspect.

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