Thursday, October 13, 2011

A-List: NY Reflections // A-List: Dallas Update

I promise that I'll stop writing about Logo's "The A-List" franchise for a while after this post.  At least, I will try. 

Over the past week, I've written a couple different times about A-List: Dallas personality Taylor Garrett and the alleged act of vandalism that occurred at his home.  He tweeted that someone had thrown a rock through his window -- presumably angered by his involvement with anti-gay conservative GOProud Advisory Board honorary chair Ann Coulter.  Pretty quickly, there were criticisms that he hadn't reported the incident to the police.  Instead of responding directly to those concerns, he and several people associated with The A-List: Dallas clammed up and yanked their rock-oriented tweets. 

Taylor Garrett finally broke his silence a couple days ago and spoke with the Huffington Post about the vandalism.  He reports that the police were indeed contacted last Friday.  However, it was reported by his building manager.  Since he hadn't made that report, his name wasn't associated with the report.  He eventually filed his own police report on Monday.  Garrett could've deflated this mess nearly a week ago if he'd explained about the building manager's police report.  Then again, he and Logo couldn't have milked this controversy for 5-6 days if he had.

Moving on, I finally watched the last episode of The A-List: New York's second season.  This is what got under my skin this season:

*I don't get Nyasha's role on the show.  I mean, I guess I do.  She's a loud, self-centered diva who heats up without any provocation.  And she added lots of drama to the show.  But surely Logo could find a lesbian (or at least a bi-girl) to fit that role.

*Nyasha managed to accomplish (with Derek's and Ryan's assistance, of course) the unthinkable.  They made me feel bad for bad-boy Austin.  Almost from minute one, she inserted herself into the boys' tiffs and then flipped out about Austin "hitting" her.  Yes, Austin tried striking Rodiney at the club and yes, he grazed Nyasha's hand.  But he did not hit her and her never-forgiving flip-out was totally unwarranted, IMHO.  To make matters worse, every time he tried apologizing to her, she flipped out even more.

*Derek was a huge whiner this season.  First, Derek dumped Austin as a friend for not disinviting a guy he'd dated a couple times from one of his parties.  Then he became besties with Nyasha in order to further distance himself from Austin.  Then he ignored Austin's repeated efforts to make up.  Then he made up with Austin long enough to dump him once again at the end of the season because Austin (wisely) chose to avoid a social gathering after he'd learned that Nyasha would be there.  After all, every single time they'd been together things had exploded.  He was trying to minimize drama from Derek by staying away from Nyasha.  Then he spread rumors to the guys about Austin and his husband Jake...  *ughh...* Enough....

*The guys all pulled dick moves for skipping out on Austin's and Jake's bachelor party weekend.  They were all in Atlantic City for two competing events (the bachelor party and Nyasha's singing gig).  They all felt morally opposed to Austin's marriage because of cheating rumors being spread by Derek and Rodiney.  Reichen and Ryan eventually "confronted" Austin the night of his party.  They had been gossiping and fretting over this flawed relationship for days, but couldn't actually ask him about it until the night of the event when he's already two sheets to the wind?  Total. Dick. Move.

*I don't get Mike's roll in this show.  His involvement usually involves one of three things: 1. Photo-shoots of celebrities; 2. Hanging out with his hot boyfriend and cool dad; or 3. Telling the boys to mind their own business.  He hardly ever appears with any of the other A-Listers anymore.  Fortunately, for his integrity, he's leaving the show after this season.

*Where was TJ?  He was there, but he didn't get enough coverage.  Now that Mike is leaving the show, TJ needs to move up for some full-credit inclusion on this reality show.

*Lastly, I'm am sick of hearing about Austin being fat.  He is not fat.  He is no where close to being fat.  Enough with the "Austin is fat" meme.

Thus ends my venting about The A-List; New York... at least until next season.


Anonymous said...

Do you read Tom & Lorenzo's recaps of the A-List? If not, you should check them out. Very spot-on and pretty funny:

Jon said...

I hadn't before, but I will now. Funny stuff indeed! Thanks Anonymous!