Thursday, October 20, 2011

NOM & The FAMiLY Leader Attempting to Use Gay Marriage to Influence Votes in Cedar Rapids

I know.  Big surprise, eh?

Republican candidate Cindy Golding might be focusing on jobs, the state budget, and reducing government regulation with her state Senate bid over the northeast in Cedar Rapids, but the National Organization for Marriage and The FAMiLY Leader are working hard to tell Iowa Senate District 18 voters that a vote for Golding is a vote against gay and lesbian families.  NOM released the following press release earlier today:
The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today announced it is launching an Independent Expenditure campaign along with The Family Leader in the 18th Senate District race to support Cindy Golding. Golding, a strong traditional marriage advocate, is running against Democrat Liz Mathis, a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage. NOM was a major player last year in the successful effort to remove three Supreme Court justices from office after they redefined marriage in Iowa.

“This is a pivotal election contest in our battle to allowing the people of Iowa the opportunity to vote to restore marriage,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “A proposed constitutional amendment on defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman enjoys broad-based, bi-partisan legislative and voter support, but is being prevented from coming to the floor of the Senate by Majority Leader Mike Gronstol [sic]. If Ms. Golding is successful in her election, we are hopeful that Senators will finally have the opportunity to vote on the marriage amendment, and we expect it to pass handily.”

NOM will be supporting Golding with a series of mailers and other activities in in the 18th District. The first dropped today.

NOM also notes that they are tentatively planning to inflict their "Values Bus" on Cedar Rapids on November 6th, which is two days before the special election.  I have never understood their fascination with the various Values Buses/Judge Buses/etc.  Almost nobody ever shows up for those events.  I suspect that the real purpose behind the bus rides are less about giving speeches to the few people who manage to show up and more about back-door meetings with local operatives.

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