Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Dropped onto Interstate-380; Seriously Injures Driver

This is the type of news article that really unnerves me:

Woman injured after pumpkin dropped from I-380 overpass

Investigators say someone dropped a pumpkin off an overpass on I-380, north of Cedar Rapids, on Saturday night. The Linn County Sheriff’s Office said Cassandra Chase, 34, of Cedar Rapids, was driving south on I-380 when a pumpkin crashed through the windshield of her Hyundai Entourage. Investigators say the pumpkin was dropped off the overpass on Hagerman Road... It was reported that Chase’s injuries were not life threatening. The accident remains under investigation.
Ms. Chase was extremely lucky that she escapes without “life threatening” injuries, though it’s still highly possible that it will take months for her to fully recover from this incident. The article doesn’t really clarify how serious her injuries were.

I’m assuming that some kids were responsible for this action. One might think that a vegetable might not cause that much damage to a vehicle, but look at that picture. Ms. Chase was extremely lucky that she wasn’t killed.

When I first heard about this story, I immediately pointed it out to my boys and warned them to NEVER try anything like this. Furthermore, I told them to try dissuading their friends from this type of activity if they ever think it’s a good idea. Barring that, they need to make sure that they aren’t around if any of their friends decide that it would be fun to toss anything from the Interstate onto vehicles (and then they need to notify us and/or the police ASAP).

People die from this sort of thing every year. There’s almost no way one can avoid dropped items because you don’t see them until their smashing into your car. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rock or a pumpkin or a rubber ball. Don’t do it or you could find yourself in prison.

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