Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Walking Dead Rage Through West Des Moines

Don't say I didn't warn you back on Friday.  I was catching up on the news this evening and learned that a neighbor within West Des Moines was invaded by hordes of the undead.  West Des Moines Patch reports that the streets were filled with "briskly shuffling" zombies.  Listen to this horrifying firsthand report from one of the survivors:
In Iowa State Fair style, I grabbed my camera to snap some photos while my husband, Dan, leaned on our fence and cordially nodded to the growling, moaning, disfigured masses as they shuffled past our front door. I fended off an attack by a baby zombie in a stroller -- mom showed some mercy -- and managed not to rile the West Des Moines Police Department's canine, who voiced his displeasure at the crowd with the loudest growls of all.
According to this report, there were several dozen of the walking dead swarming West Des Moines.  Apparently, the raging ghouls descended on the Val Air Ballroom and transformed a neighborhood dance into what's become known as a "zombie prom".  I'm not sure how this particular invasion was halted.  However, it's frightening to consider how many undead incursions I've reported on over the past year.  It's only a matter of time before we can no longer repel these invaders.

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