Thursday, October 27, 2011

Will Candidate Randall Terry Upset President Barack Obama?

Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry has a new goal in life: unseat President Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate for the 2012 presidential election:
“My goal is to use the primary process over the coming months to bludgeon President Obama politically,” Terry said. “I cannot defeat him in the Democratic party, but I can cause his defeat in the general election.”

Terry said his campaign platform of “Life, Liberty and Justice” looks to criminalize abortion from conception to birth, phase out the “rampant socialism” of Social Security, Medicaid and the federal income tax and adopt a U.S. foreign policy less focused on oil and more focused on human rights.
For whatever reason, Terry came to Iowa City, IA, and discussed his presidential candidacy at City Hall.  Terry really doesn't believe that he will become the Democratic candidate, but he thinks the following strategy will cause voters to flee from the President in 2012:
Terry... said he will be flooding Iowa television stations with graphic anti-abortion ads. “We caused a meltdown in the greater D.C. area, and we’re going to do it here in Iowa. We’re going to in New Hampshire and we’re going to do it state by state around the union,” he said.

Terry defended his choice to run TV spots sometimes considered controversial or inappropriate by saying that it is no different than showing photos of car accidents caused by drunken driving. “That’s how you win,” he said. “That’s how you provoke debate and the crisis of conflict and we’re going to do that in this election.”
Yup, that's how you win by airing "campaign advertisements" of bloody bits of aborted babies.

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