Thursday, November 24, 2011

All Charges Dropped Against Phoenix Jones

Hopefully, you remember you earlier stories about a real life frickin' super hero named Phoenix Jones who are recently arrested in Seattle, WA, and accused of pepper spraying a bunch of innocent club-goers.  Jones claimed that he interrupted this group from assaulting an innocent person.  Since them, Phoenix Jones has been publicly unmasked and revealed as Ben Fodor.  Since then, he has been fired from his job where he had worked with a group of autistic children.  Additionally, criminals now know where he and his family live.

That said, Phoenix Jones has been vindicated and all charges have been dropped against him.  It helped that he had a video crew following him on the night of his alleged assault and backed up his story that he was acting to protect the safety of an innocent.  Not unlike Spider-Man, the police and the Seattle city attorney all believe that Jones is an out of control menace.  Maybe he and his wife need to make a deal with the devil and fold back time to undo the moment that he was outed as Fodor.  After all, it worked for Spidey.

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