Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arrest Made in Assault/Attempted Murder of Iowa City Police Officer

Earlier this month, I wrote about a police officer who was assaulted and choked by a young man here in Iowa City.  A reward was being offered for the suspect's capture.  I tried making an update about this story earlier today, but Blogger was having some problems.  Since then, there have been developments.

Yesterday, Iowa City Patch shared additional video footage of the assault.  You don't see much, but you can here the attack and it's kind of creepy.  The Iowa City policy indicated that they would be charging the suspect with attempted murder, which is a class B felony and carried a maximum of 25 years in prison.

Overnight, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student from Urbandale, IA, named Brandon Plummer was arrested and charged with attempted murder:
Police say a tip called into the Iowa City Area CrimeStoppers led to the arrest of Plummer, who was found on Tuesday at his residence and arrested without incident...

A criminal complaint released by the Iowa City Police Department indicated that there were several witnesses of the assault. According to the complaint, one witness physically intervened to assist (Sgt. Brian) Krei during the assault and called 911. This witness claimed that Plummer allegedly slammed the Krei's head into the ground and told the witness to not call 911.

Another witness described Plummer allegedly choking a bleeding Krei, while Krei's face turned red and he was seen clearly gasping for air. Another witness said that Plummer allegedly used a scissor choke to pull Krei off the ground, and used the squad car as leverage as he continued to apply the choke.

According to the complaint, Plummer is accused of getting behind Krei and applying a choke with his forearm, grabbing his own wrist to apply more pressure. This potentially lethal maneuver is sometimes referred to as a guillotine choke. According to the complaint, the witnesses agreed the assailant, allegedly Plummer, was in control of Krei during the incident and was hitting him hard.

Anonymous commenters on the Iowa City Press-Citizen website have already been complaining about the snitch who turned Plummer into the police.

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