Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boycott Launched Against Gay-Unfriendly Cake Maker (or Boycott the Boycott)

A couple days ago, I wrote about a lesbian couple that was turned away from buying a wedding cake from a cake-making business in Des Moines, IA, because of the owner's Christian religious beliefs.  Among other things, I wrote that the business owner should be open about not working with gay and lesbian couples, especially in this marriage equality state.  But mostly I wanted to urge the couple and other couples to appreciate that they have the ability to seek out vendors who actually want their business.

Earlier today, I learned that Fox News published a report (which mostly copies from the KCCI story).  The only new thing I learned was that there is a Facebook-based boycott of Victoria's Cake Cottage.  It looks like the boycott predates the story going viral.  This is the boycott group's mission:
Victoria's Cake Cottage web page says, "We provide residents of Des Moines, IA with decorative cakes." That is, UNLESS YOU'RE GAY. The owner REFUSES to sell wedding cakes to LGBT couples. Boycott her business and let her know homophobia is BAD BUSINESS and WILL NOT be tolerated.
Personally, I don't see the point of the boycott.  Do you really want to get a cake made by someone who feels coerced into working with you and who really doesn't support your wedding?  Wedding cheaps aren't inexpensive.  Support gay-friendly businesses and let the other businesses do their thing.

Boycotting does little but turn this business owner into either a victim or a martyr.  There are two groups of people who are seeking her cakes: 1. Heterosexual people who most like won't care about the boycott or who will purposely seek her out because of the boycott and 2. Homosexual people who she doesn't even want to serve in the first place.

Basically, I'm all for advertising that this business doesn't want to work for gay families and for promoting gay-family-friendly business alternatives.  But the boycott is something we can all do without.


Flartus said...

When I saw your earlier post, my first thought was, "Good for her, that's her right." You're right, a boycott will just feed into the conservative fear-based "gay agenda" line.

The gays are going to force us all to be gay--starting with cakes!

tatum2u - Kim said...

Hi again ( you know me from the post I placed on the other site ) Like your blog so much I joined =)

Anyway the idea of this women becoming a martyr has me re-thinking my position ! I hate when that happens.

Jon said...

Thanks for the join!

Yeah, I'm much more in favor of promoting the "positive" businesses as opposed to boycott the others.

Anonymous said...

All your talk, all your bravado about "compassion" and "tolerance" is nothing other than a blatant attempt to intimidate others into conformity to your worldview, i.e. silencing those who dare to oppose you. You're nothing more than a hypocrite because you won't practice what you preach. I'm not a Christian who turns the other cheek. We will protect Victoria Childress.

In Christ
(we are) -Christian BlackOps

Jon said...

Did you actually read what I wrote, "Christian BlackOps"? I thought that the boycott was stupid and I've supported her right to turn away business even though I disagree with her decison.

But thanks for commenting.