Saturday, November 26, 2011

By the Numbers

9-9-9 -- In a case of commercial competitiveness run amok, a local man picked up a pizza from Domino's Pizza earlier this week.  On the way home, his car was struck by a Pizza Hut delivery driver named Bryan Cronbaugh.  Cronbaugh apparently left the scene of the accident, but was followed by the other driver until he pulled over.  The police were called and Cronbaugh was eventually arrested and charged with second offense drunken driving after taking a field sobriety test.  Outside of the ironic nature of the dueling pizza companies, Cronbaugh just looks adorable in his arrest photo.  You know he wasn't feeling any pain right then, though I'm not sure how his head was feeling the next morning.

20-7 -- Nebraska beat Iowa yesterday.  Half of my family is really excited.  The other half?  Not so much.

39 -- Number of gay and lesbian couples who have applied for civil unions in Rhode Island since that law went into effect four months ago.  On the other hand, roughly 600 gay and lesbian couples have traveled to other nearby states like Massachusetts in order to become legally married.  Think Progress writes that the state has lost more than $8,000,000 from its state economy from these exported marriages.  The ACLU writes that most gay and lesbian couples are shunning the civil union law because of the "extremely broad 'religious' exemption that significantly undercuts the law's purpose."  Rhode Island's civil union law contained extensive religious exemptions that allow any religiously affiliated organization or institution, such as school, universities, and hospitals, to deny benefits or services to civilly unionized families.

111+ -- Earlier this fall, the United Church of Christ challenged its churches to raise tons of money and food items between 11/1/11 and 11/11/11.  My own Faith United Church of Christ pledged to raise 111 non-perishable food items, 111 rolls of toilet paper (requested by our local Crisis Center), $111.11 in funds to address hunger relief, and 11 letters to be sent to members of Congress.  By 11/11/11, Faith UCC surpassed its goals.  The little congregation that could managed to collect 113 food items, 123 rolls of toilet paper, $243.33 for hunger relief, and 23 letters to Congress!

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