Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christian Right Shocked Over X-Men = Gay Allegory

I learned about this latest "controversy" today via Joe My God earlier today, but I already knew about this issue as a teen back in the 80s: the mutants in the X-Men movies and comics are allegories for gas and lesbians.  That's what Michael Brown shared today in Townhall:
The X-Men movie series, based on the comic books of the same name, is well-known for its unusual cast of gifted mutants and for its extraordinary special effects. What is not as widely known about the X-Men is the fact that the movies, along with the comic books, draw many clear parallels between the mutants and the gay and lesbian community.
I'm not quite sure why this is a surprise.  Doesn't everyone remember the X-Men movie when Bobby "Iceman" Drake's mom learned that he was a mutant and asked him "Have you ever tried... not being a mutant?"  That's a classic parental-guilt-ex-gay-line.  Maybe you have to be gay in order for someone to use similar lines to guilt you with that type of language.

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer has already tweeted about this article:

Of course, I don't really agree with the "widely known" assumption that Marvel's mutants were allegorical GLBT people.  They represented America's awkward teens who were going through physical and social changes that their parents didn't fully appreciate or understand.  It was the 60s, don't forget.  Later on when the team got re-introduced in the late 70s, Marvel's mutants still represented the outsider sensation that most teens feel, but they and their story lines began to represent the racial differences that exist in this country.  As their popularity grew and more creators got their creative hands on the X-Men, it became clear that Marvel's mighty mutants and their life struggles also mirrored the problems that many GLBT people experience from misunderstanding parents, peers, and politicians.

All that aside, I wonder how shocked those on the Right might be if they knew how many gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters belonged to the X-Men or one of their affiliated teams of the years (Can't find any transgender characters in the bunch outside of a few who found themselves temporarily body-switched.  Maybe there are some and I just forgot about them.  Drop me a comment if I missed someone and I'll add them to our list of Gs, Ls, and Bs.).  Check out this list of GLB X-Men or affiliated team members:

Northstar (gay member of the X-Men)
Karma (lesbian member of the New Mutants)
Mystique (bisexual member of the X-Men)
Destiny (deceased lesbian lover of Mystique)
Rictor (bisexual member of X-Factor)
Shatterstar (bisexual member of X-Factor)
Daken AKA Dark Wolverine (bisexual member of the Dark X-Men)
Anole (gay X-Men student)
Bling! (bisexual X-Men student)
Graymalkin (gay X-Men student)
Bloke (deceased gay member of X-Force)
Vivisector (deceased gay member of X-Force/X-Statix)
Phat (deceased gay member of X-Force/X-Statix)
Doop (apparently bisexual member of X-Force/X-Men)

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