Monday, November 21, 2011

Gay Marriage --> Women Marrying the Eiffel Tower?

Did marriage equality lead to one woman's marriage to the Eiffel Tower?  That's what Michele Bachmann's Iowa Co-Chair, Tamara Scott, told thrice-failed gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats last summer.  She wants BVP -- and you -- to know that Iowa needs to abolish my marriage because some women held non-legally binding wedding ceremonies with various objects, including the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.  That's right.  If my marriage is allowed to continue, "objectum sexuals" will somehow obtain the legal rights, responsibilities, and protections of marriage with buildings and other forms of property.  Check it out:

Scott is also concerned about polygamy and other forms of plural marriage -- which is definitely something to debate --, but sadly I think she's actually serious about being concerned that random individuals are actually going to fall in love with various Iowa landmarks and get engaged.  Maybe she's seriously concerned that someone will marry the Newton Correctional Facility, for example, and force out all of the prisoners.  I have no clue.

Of course, people cannot marry objects.  Objects have no sentience.  Objects have no ability to consent to anything, much less a marriage license.

Just because someone with an odd fetish says she's married to the Eiffel Tower does not mean that she's actually married to the Eiffel Tower.  Scott knows this.  BVP knows this.  And Michele Bachmann knows this.  And if she doesn't know this, then the public needs to know that one of the GOP's current top five presidential contenders either believes that people can marry objects or has people on-staff who actually believe this.

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Brett Cottrell said...

Bachmann's just afraid that her husband will leave her for the Space Needle.