Monday, November 7, 2011

Golding Warns Against Being Single-Issue Voters at Event for Single-Issue Voters

This is rich.  Iowa Senate 18 candidate Cindy Golding met with supporters at the Family Research Council's and National Organization for Marriage's "Value Voters" Bus today.  Golding warned this group of supporters against making this special election about one issue, which is ironic because she was speaking before a crowd that is motivated over one specific issue (i.e., the repeal of marriage rights & responsibilities for gay and lesbian couples).  Not that Golding supports gay families.  She wants our marriages gone and out of the public conversation.  To me and people like me, it's all about protecting my family.  To her, it's all about moving on to other issues.  But it's easier to move on when the continued existence of your own marriage isn't at stake.

Apparently, there weren't a lot of people at the Values Voter Bus stop, which makes sense.  Why not drive through Senate District 18 or Saturday and/or Sunday when most people have the day off?  Then again, if I'd had my way, the Values Voter Bus wouldn't had a flat tire.  According to Iowa Independent, Golding only spoke to the NOM and FRC supporters (all 15 of them) for a brief time.  Jokingly, she mentioned that it's the media that keeps marriage equality a top discussion topic for politicians and religious voters, as opposed to groups like NOM or The FAMiLY LEADER, which were created specifically to rally and fund-raise against gay families and our marriages.

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