Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Iowa Cake Maker Behaves Like Martyr for Refusing Lesbian Wedding Cake... Despite Booming Business

Remember Des Moines-based cake-maker Victoria Childress who refused to make a wedding cake for a pair of lesbian brides?  And remember how a group of people on Facebook who probably never would have sought her business out in the first place decided to launch a boycott of her business?  And remember how I said that was stupid because it would just give Childress an undeserved martyr-complex?  Guess what?  Childress is now the darling of religious right groups like the National Organization for Marriage and of religious rights news organizations like OneNewsNow.

Ironically, Childress is such a victim that "business is booming" ever since this case got publicized:
Homosexuals have launched a boycott of her shop, but Childress's business has only improved. Activists have threatened legal action, but so far no legal papers have been served.
My hunch?  There never will be a lawsuit.  After all, what is there to sue about?  She consulted with a pair of potential customers and turned them away.  They didn't enter into a contract with her and they didn't pay her any money.  Am I missing something here?

Meanwhile, the brides in this situation, Trina Vodraska and Janelle Sievers, are now being labeled by NOM blogger Ari Mendelson as activists who are "more loathsome than terrorists" who should be "spat upon by decent people".

This is the modern-day victim of Iowa's marriage equality: a small business owner who repeatedly and publicly refuses to serve gay and lesbian families and gets financially rewarded by the people of her community.  We should all be so lucky to someday suffer so heinously.

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