Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mathis Victim of Robo-Call Attack Over "Endorsement of Gay Sex Acts"

The Liz Mathis campaign is the victim of a last minute robo-call attack over in Senate District 18. Yesterday, a group called the Citizens for Honesty and Sound Marriage in Iowa sent out a message to voters telling them that Mathis supports marriage equality. Voters were encouraged to contact Mathis and “ask her which homosexual sex acts she endorses”:
Andrea Jilovec was one voter who received the call. "I was shocked, I was dismayed, and I think it's one of the worst phone calls I have ever received," she says.

The caller says the message is sponsored by the Citizens for Honesty and Sound Marriage in Iowa and it targets Liz Mathis and her stance on same-sex marriage. The calls come in as private and cannot be traced or called back. Monday night the Golding campaign quick to say the message didn't come from them or the Republican party. "It's probably some people that's trying to insert themselves at the last minute and it's a terrible distraction, it's extremely disappointing," says Spokesman Don McDowell.

Mathis also released a statement after hearing about the ad and she says "I am proud that we have run a positive, issue-oriented campaign. That's why it is so disappointing that my opponents have launched a last-minute, anonymous attack that is hurtful and false."
The National Organization for Marriage issued a statement asserting that neither they nor The FAMiLY LEADER were responsible for the robo-calls and claim that this is a cheap trick designed to turn voters away from GOP candidate Cindy Golding through the robo-calls inherent offensive message. Which is odd, given that neither group has seemed to mind in the past when NOM or FAMiLY LEADER supporters made fag jokes or insulted gay families in the past.


Flartus said...

Makes me want to ask what hetero sex acts the GOP candidates endorse (as explicitly as possible, of course). Might be the same ones, y'know? ;)

Jon said...

LOL, Flartus! I briefly toyed with titling this something like "What heterosexual sex acts does Golding endorse?", but I didn't want to make this one about her cuz I really don't think she's behind it.