Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Nero" by D'Angelo

Ever wondered how Nero came into our family?  D'Angelo wrote the following story for his class and wanted to share it here:

November 2, 2009 my family and I were going to look at standard poodles because we put down our old miniature poodle Moogie and we wanted a standard poodle because it doesn’t shed and we’ve never had a bigger dog than a miniature poodle. It took us about 30 minutes to get to Michelle’s big white and tan house. (Michelle was our dog groomer she was also a dog breeder.)

Once we got in we saw Michelle sitting on her brown couch. She heard us and got off her couch and started to talk to my dad Jon. As they started to talk about prices my brother Leslie and I went in the garage. Once we got passed the giant red truck we saw about 10 standard poodle puppies!

“Jon Jon I want this white one” I said running in the house carrying her.
“No, we want a black or silver one that’s calm let us look” said Mark my other dad said so they went into the garage and found the perfect dog that fit their description.

Once Michelle came with the poodle we tried to name him. I came up with Yogi, my brother Leslie came up with Slash, and my dad’s Mark and Jon didn’t come up with anything yet.

About a week later my dad came up with Nero because there was a circus lion named Nero and our other dog is named Miss Lion and we kind of wanted a name that is lion related.

Now Nero is two years old and very curious. Nero is unique because sometimes he wouldn’t eat his food because he was curious about what Miss Lion was eating.

Every Tuesday Nero goes to a dog day care named Lucky Paws to burn off energy and gets posted on the blog sometimes.

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