Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poll #3: Who Should Join X-Force Next?

Earlier this week, I was reading up on one of my favorite comic books these days, Uncanny X-Force.  X-Force is the team of mutants that doesn't really exist.  It's essentially a team of assassins that sneaks in the shadows and takes out the big nasties.  Currently, the team consists of Wolverine, Psylocke, Deadpool, and Fantomex (as well as Deathlok, who is to X-Force what the letter "Y" is to the vowels in the alphabet).  Right now, former team member Archangel has become the reincarnated Apocalypse, which makes him one of the newest big nasties.  He's so nasty that he's cast his evil net across the dimensions into the "Age of Apocalypse".  I'm not exactly sure how this current storyline will end, but it's pretty certain that Archangel will remain cut from the team and Nightcrawler from the AOA will remain in this dimension with Wolverine's merry band of mercenaries (revealed earlier by Marvel Comics in some of their promo art).

But one thing I do know from this article is X-Force will be gaining one additional member very soon in addition to Nightcrawler.  I've been thinking about this a lot today and I have some ideas about who that new member could be and I'm betting that you're curious, too.  With that in mind, I'm relaunching my comic book polls because I want you to check out my suggestions and vote on who you think should be the newest member of the Uncanny X-Force?  Here are your choices:

Choice #1: Jean Grey (from the Age of Apocalypse): Like her deceased Marvel Universe counterpart, this Jean Grey is an extremely powerful telepath and telekinetic mutant.  Plus, (though I don't remember it from before) this Jean Grey appears to find herself joined by the Phoenix, which is a very powerful cosmic entity that likes to bond with red-headed females and suck the heat out of suns.  Plus in Jean Grey's favor: X-Force is not a place for the meek.  When people wash out of X-Force, it's not pretty.  However, AOA's Jean Grey grew up in a dimension where the evil Apocalypse emerged about 10 years too early.  What followed wasn't pretty.  Humans were slaughtered, taken to concentration camps, and/or were experimented on viciously by the hordes of powerful mutants who inhabited that dimension.  Jean Grey might be an X-Man, but even the X-Men in the AOA dimension don't live long without acquiring a fatal survival instinct.  The Uncanny X-Force needs powerful assassins and Jean Grey is one of the most powerful.  On the other hand: Wolverine and Cyclops both carry enough lust, love, and guilt over this universe's Jean Grey.  Do we really want to unleash a new version of Jean Grey on the world?

Choice #2: Iceman (Age of Apocalypse): AOA's Iceman is a bit more severe than the Marvel Universe's Iceman.  This guy's been cracked and shattered and melted so often that he's whacked, mentally.  When X-Force met up with the AOA's Amazing X-Men a few months back, it was learned that Iceman is one of the surviving good guys.  Except he ain't.  More recently, he was brought back to the Marvel Universe by Archangel and his forces.  In exchange for slaughtering X-Force, he gets to live in paradise -- which considering he grew up in the cesspool that is the AOA, pretty much anything is a paradise.  This Iceman is pretty powerful.  He can absorb bodies of water into himself in order to become a giant.  He can throw blocks or shards of ice.  He can create little Iceman avatars to do his fight his enemies.  In other words, he's pretty kick ass.  Imagine that Iceman asks for forgiveness and asks to join X-Force in exchange for remaining in the Marvel Universe?  X-Force would receive a pretty mighty power boost!  Plus in Iceman's favor: He's pretty much unstoppable and he has no objections to wiping out the bad guys.  Plus, it would be fun to see Wolvie interact with the sane accountant Iceman over in the X-Men versus the cutthroat killer Iceman over in X-Force!

Choice #3: Magneto: Once upon a time, Magneto was one of the biggest mutant menaces on Earth.  Now he's a member of the Uncanny X-Men and hold a seat at Cyclops' side.  When this whole Schism thing happened and all the mutants sided with either Cyclops (anti-genocide) or Wolverine (pro-school), Magneto remained with Cyclops.  But recently, he learned that X-Force still existed even after Cyclops disbanded it.  As far as I'm aware, he hasn't said anything about this team of assassins to Cyclops.  I can envision a situation where Magneto finds merit in a black ops team of mutants who take care of the menaces that the world can't know exist.  Plus in Magneto's favor: Why not Magneto?  He's powerful and not above taking out enemies with killer force.  On the other hand: Magneto's not really covert.  He's one of the planet's most well known terrorists.  It would be hard to keep X-Force undercover with Mags on the roster.

Choice #4: Daken (AKA Dark Wolverine): Daken is the dark son of Wolverine that he didn't know he had until it was too late.  An assassin in his own right, he really hates his dad.  As far as I'm aware, he has never spend a moment interacting with X-Force, but he's gone out of his way to be a thorn in Wolvie's side ever since he was introduced to the comic book audience.  What if he shouldered his way onto the team somehow?  It would be fun to see him create tension within the team and to really stick it to his dad.  Plus in Daken's favor: Daken's comic book just got canceled, so he's got lot of time on his hands.  I mean, do you really want this mutant mercenary sitting idle?  I'd really like to see him get sucked more into the X-Men teams instead of dancing on the borders.  Plus, Daken's one of Marvel's few bisexual characters and I'm all about increased numbers of active GLBT comic book characters.

Those are the choices, true believers.  Voting begins today.  Poll #3 will end on December 15th.  In the case of a tie, D'Angelo will cast the deciding vote.

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