Monday, November 21, 2011

Rick Perry Opposes Gay Marriage and Adoption Rights

Rick Perry was apparently allowed to sign off on Bob Vander Plaats' and The FAMiLY LEADER's over-reaching "Marriage Vow" nearly four months after their self-imposed August 1st deadline.  By signing off on this pledge, Perry vowed to respect the marital bonds of others (except for my marriage and others like it), vowed to acknowledge that married people enjoy better sex, vowed to defend DOMA, vowed to oppose repeal of DADT, and vowed to reject Sharia Islam.  There's other stuff there, too, but those are the biggies.  It's unclear if Perry signed the version that asserted that the children of slavery were better off than today's non-enslaved black kids.  GOP candidates had been warned that The FAMiLY LEADER would not endorse their campaigns if they didn't sign off on their "Marriage Vow".

Meanwhile, at this weekend's Thanksgiving Family Forum in Des Moines, Perry not only reiterated his support for a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples, but he came out against our ability to adopt children, too:
When Tom Minnery, the head of CitizenLink, the political arm of the Christian conservative group Focus on the Family, asked Perry what he would do as president to help faith-based adoption agencies “which are being run out of business because they will only place children in homes headed by mothers and fathers and they will not place those children in homes headed by same-sex couples,” Perry answered that passing the federal marriage amendment would address the issue.

But until that does pass, as in the state of Texas, a gay couple cannot adopt a child in the state of Texas, so the states have the ability again until there is a federal marriage amendment that clearly states that marriage is between one man and one woman and in that as well you cannot adopt a child unless it is one man and one woman,” Perry answered.
Now keep in mind that gay couples actually do have the ability to adopt in Texas through second parent adoption processes, depending on the judge, of course.  That's what I keep getting told by other adoptive gay dads and lesbian moms from down south, which makes me wonder how aware Perry is of what's going on in his own state.

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