Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is Why Super Heroes Shouldn't Reveal their Secret IDs

Last month, I shared the story of Seattle-based real life frickin' super hero Phoenix Jones who got arrested for allegedly assaulting a group of nightclubbers.  I promised to follow up on this here, but I didn't.  Phoenix Jones subsequently released video and explained that he was actually interfering in an attempted "hit and run/attempted murder" situation (you can see that video at this link, btw).

What happened next was a true tragedy: Phoenix Jones publicly unmasked on 10/13/11 and announced his secret identity to the world before appearing in court:
“I’m Phoenix Jones. I’m also Ben Fodor. I’m also a father,” he said. “I’ll be in the streets.”
Following Jones' arrest, he revealed that he had begun training a replacement named Nightstick.  According to Jones, Nightstick is a costumed mixed martial artist who wears a full-body costume and doesn't do interviews with the media.  By 10/14/11, Nightstick had already been responsible for stopping 6-7 Seattle-based crimes and had handcuffed a drug dealer to a light post.

Anyway, Nightstick might still be fighting crime, but Phoenix Jones is continuing to have problems because of his arrest.  I learned yesterday that Jones has been fired from his job.  He had been working in a group home for autistic children for five years.  Washington's Department of Social and Health Services recently notified Jones that he is no longer allowed to work with kid, presumably because of his pending assault case.  Now that he's unemployed, Jones has plans to expand his crime-fighting routine to include daytime hours.  Additionally, he plans on earning money in mixed martial arts fights.

All this goes to remind people that revealing one's secret identity almost never works out.  Hopefully, Nightstick keeps this kernel of truth locked away under his mask.

Updated to Add: I found this list of five things that Phoenix Jones wants you to know about him:
1.His costume “really is bullet proof.”
2.“I really do know how to fight.”
3.“My goal is to protect people.”
4.“If you want to do this [be a super hero like me], you should write me on facebook before you do something stupid.”
5.“I’m not crazy.”

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