Thursday, December 8, 2011

By the Numbers

We have an unexpected medical experience planned for tomorrow in our household tomorrow.  As a result, I don't anticipate having too much time for blogging (though I could be mistaken).  What better excuse for a fresh, "By the Numbers" entry?

27-9 -- Tally in Michigan's Senate to prohibit public employers (including universities) from providing medical or fringe benefits to the domestic partners of any employee.  They also voted to prohibit collective bargaining agreements from ever including such benefits in the future.  These bills need to get passed through the Michigan House and are expected to pass.

62 -- Percentage of Montana voters who support "legal equality" for gay and lesbian couples.  Where were those voters in 2004 when that state's constitution was amended to ban gay and lesbian families?

200 -- Number of people who showed up for a "religious revolution" prayer event in favor of Rick Perry over in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Part of the Texas-originated Response, they want you to know that they don't like gays or abortion.

$5,000 -- Amount of money raised to pay the funeral expenses of bullied gay teen, Jacob Rogers, who recently committed suicide.  Remember folks, things can't get better if you don't live to see it through!

$12,000,000 -- Amount of money that funneled its way into Iowa since April 2009 when gay and lesbian couples began marrying in this state.  This includes money spent on officiators, wedding halls, food, lodging, and tourist outings.  My guess is that it doesn't include money funneled into the state by those seeking to wipe out gay families.

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